Zerofat-A capsules is a specially designed herbal supplement which helps users fight with obesity, weight loss problems and constipation as well as indigestion. A product based on herbal tea plants and other roots which are known to have been used hundreds of years before by our ancestors. The capsules are meant to induce the loss of weight by limiting the appetite and creating the sensation of full when you eat.
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Product Description

Common use


                Mainly used by people to reduce the body weight and fight obesity, Zerofat-A is also used for indigestion problems and constipation. Highly reliable for both male and female treatment, these capsules can also be used for other purposes not listed. Although very effective in reducing the weight loss on obese users, it must be administrated after a complete check at your doctor's cabinet. It's very important for him to set the parameters and dosage ahead of starting to take Zerofat-A


Dosage and directions


                Dosage for taking Zerofat-A can be set only by your nutritional doctor which can calculate the amount of capsules you need per day based on what weight, height and level of body fat you have. Depending on these factors, the dosage might vary between 3 capsules a day and up to 6 capsules a day. It's best for you to consult a professional before taking this supplement even though it's a natural based products with no risks in administration and no prescription needed.




                Before starting to use Zerofat-A make sure to consult your doctor and tell him about any of your medical problems. Anemia, Diabetes, Glaucoma or Heart problems might might be a factor of risk if using Zerofat-A. Pregnant women and children are also denied to take these capsules unless the doctor advises otherwise.




                If you suffer from allergies on any of the listed ingredients of the product, it is recommended not to follow a treatment for obesity with Zerofat-A. Also, if you suffer from stomach problems, administrating Zerofat-A is limited or not recommended at all.


Possible side effects


                Light head aches, increased pulse rates and high blood pressure are mong the medium side effects that might influence 1 in 3 users of Zerofat-A. There are no studies about severe side effects nor interactions with other similar preparations. However, mixing Zerofat-A with other similar products or alcohol is not recommended.


Missed dose


                When you miss a dose, simply proceed with taking it when you remember but not if it's to close to the next dosage period. In cases when you miss to take Zerofat-A for a complete 24h cycle, proceed with taking it normally and skip the missed doses. Being a natural product means that the effects Zerofat-A has to your body will not be influenced by a missed dose.




                Overdose with herbal products is a very limited experience as less than 1% of all users have encountered problems due to an overdose. Exceeding the recommended dosage plan might lead to some unwanted side effects but an over dose with severe effects is likely to happen. However, if you feel ill seek medical attention as soon as possible and stop taking the capsules immediately.




                Keep Zerofat-A in cool places, safe from humidity, extreme heat or sunlight. Room temperature between 20- 25 Celsius is the proper storage temperature. Keep away from the reach of children and animals and never take Zerofat-A if the pack is expired or damaged.



            All products presented at this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Don't hesitate to consult your health care practitioner before taking any herbal supplement.

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